Are you ready to treat yourself and your loved ones to authentic Mexican cuisine? Say goodbye to chain restaurants with bland food and poor service.
Visit the dedicated Mexican Restaurant to experience fantastic service and excellent food. We are committed to providing authentic, affordable cuisine perfect for a night out with friends or family.
We were raised on home cooked food prepared from fresh local ingredients, according to generations of family tradition. We look forward to sharing that heritage with you.


Authentically Mexican Food

We’re sure that a Mexican restaurant, especially if it’s the only such staple in Tempe, must look, feel and taste authentic! Our cooks put a lot of focus on rolling out an as wide range of traditionally Mexican, spices & fun induced menu items, as possible!


Fun & Festive Atmosphere

While one thing that Mexico is known for its spicy, nutritious and colorful food, the other one is its festivity! Our restaurant interior is tailored to meet all those expectations! Authentically decorated and always looking to enhance the experience!


A Down to Earth Pricing

We decided that our menu should fall in line with that! It’s challenging to transport Chicago product such as V&V Chorizo and El Milagro corn tortillas used in our menu while determining a reasonable price point! It’s not easy but we made it happen!

We’re hiring new talents all the time!

If you want to become a part of our big team and you’ve previously worked at a restaurant for at least 3 months, then don’t hesitate and apply today!

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